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a telephone which can be Employed in a car. motorfoon هاتِفُ سَيّارَه телефон в кола celular para automóveis autotelefon das Autotelefon biltelefon τηλέφωνο αυτοκινήτου teléfono de automóvil autotelefon تلفنی که در اتومبیل قابل استفاده است autopuhelin télécellphone de voiture טֶלֶפוֹן מְכוֹנִית कार में उपयोग किए जा सकने वाला फोन telefon u automobilu autótelefon telepon mobil cellulare d'auto 自動車電話 자동차 전화 automobilio (radijo) telefonas automašīnas telefons telefon dalam kereta autotelefoon mobiltelefon, biltelefon telefon samochodowy هغه ټليفون چې په موټر كښې ترى كار اخيستل كيږى автотелефон telefón používaný v aute telefon v avtu telefon za kola mobiltelefon โทรศัพท์ที่ใช้ในรถยนต์ araba telefonu 汽車電話 автомобільний телефон کار میں استعمال ہونے والا فون điện thoại sử dụng trong xe ô tô 汽车电话

cowl, cowling, bonnet, hood - protective covering consisting of the steel element that addresses the engine; "there are actually impressive engines underneath the hoods of recent automobiles"; "the mechanic taken out the cowling in an effort to fix the airplane's motor"

gasoline engine, petrol engine - an inner-combustion engine that burns gasoline; most automobiles are pushed by gasoline engines

Interchange of data including images from electronic cameras is considerably expedited by set up of the card reader, which happens to be often compatible with various varieties of flash memory equipment. It will likely be more rapidly and a lot more hassle-free to maneuver huge amounts of info by eliminating the card through the cell machine, instead of communicating Together with the mobile unit by way of a USB interface.

The video clip card—usually named a graphics card, graphics adapter or online video adapter—processes the graphics output with the motherboard and transmits it to the Show. It truly is A necessary component of recent multimedia-enriched computing. On older versions, and today on finances models, graphics circuitry can be built-in Using the motherboard, but for modern and flexible machines, They can be related by the PCI, AGP, or PCI Categorical interface.

My automobile is damaged into → لَقَدْ تـَمَّ اِقْتِحامُ سَيَّارَتِي → Někdo se mi vloupal do auta → Min bil er blevet brudt ind i → In mein Auto ist eingebrochen worden → Μου διέρρηξαν το αυτοκίνητο → Me han entrado a robar en el carro → Autooni on murtauduttu → Over a fracturé ma voiture → Netko mi je provalio u automobil → Qualcuno mi ha forzato la macchina → 私の車が壊されて侵入されました → 내 차가 털렸어요 → Er is in mijn auto ingebroken → Det har vært innbrudd i bilen min → Włamano się do mojego samochodu → Meu carro foi arrombado → Кто-то проник в мой автомобиль → Det har varit inbrott i min bil → รถฉันถูกคนเปิดเข้าไป → Arabamı soydular → Xe ô tô của tôi đã bị đột nhập → 我的车锁被人撬了

What it's: Repetitive use on the elbow — for example, through golfing or tennis swings — can irritate or make small tears during the elbow's tendons. Epicondylitis is most common in thirty- to sixty-year-olds and typically will involve the outside with the elbow.

wheeled vehicle - a vehicle that moves on wheels and frequently contains a container for transporting points or men and women; "the oldest recognized wheeled vehicles have been located in Sumer and Syria and day from around 3500 BC"

A visual Screen unit, computer watch or perhaps Display screen, can be a bit of electrical products, generally different from your computer circumstance, which displays Visible images devoid of creating a permanent computer report. A Display screen unit was usually both a CRT during the eighties, but with the 2000s, flat panel displays like a TFT Liquid crystal display had mainly changed the bulkier, heavier CRT screens. Multi-monitor setups are very common while in the 2010s, as they empower a user to Display screen a number of courses simultaneously (e.g., an electronic mail inbox in addition to a phrase processing application). The Show device houses an electronic circuitry that generates its image from indicators received through the road computer.

“The tissue lengthens with worry and returns to its normal length — Unless of course it truly is pulled as well much from its standard array.”

In excess of-the-counter soreness relievers typically decrease the soreness of typical sporting activities injuries to your tolerable level. If they do not, it's likely time and energy to see a doctor.

Whatever they are: Pains down the entrance of your lessen legs are generally identified as “shin splints.” They're most often brought on by operating — particularly when starting up a more challenging education method like very long operates on paved roads.

سَيَّارَةسَيّارَهعَرَبَةعَرَبَةُ مَطْعَممَرْكَبَةٌ للنَّقْلِ

^ The subsequent computer introduced in 1988 did not involve a floppy generate, which at some time was uncommon.

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